Thursday, 9 May 2013

Unlock their iPhone by playing notes on the piano

Jailbreaking the iPhone offers some advantages, such as that ... to be able to unlock it by playing a few notes on a virtual piano.

Play a melody on a virtual piano to unlock the iphone rather than tapping a series of four numbers, anyone? If this is the case, that's good: it is possible, thanks to tweak Piano Passcode reserved for jailbroken iOS devices, and available via Cydia. Developed by Jonathan Lang Winger, this tweak will replace the lock screen of iOS, and propose to define a short musical sequence, but probably even more secure. And the experience is much more artistic, basically!

Piano Passcode is already available on Cydia, the "repo" BigBoss, priced at $ 0.99. An iPad version is in the works.

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