Friday, 10 May 2013

iPhone 5: T-Mobile on new colorful commercial

At yesterday Telekom announced that its U.S. subsidiary, T-Mobile USA was able to sell 500,000 units in just 30 days after the iPhone 5 launch. A great success for the number 4 in the U.S. mobile market. However, the recent success the company holds not depend on to continue to drum up strong.

     While overcrowded networks can slow down your data, T-Mobile's nationwide network has the room to let unlimited data flow freely. With 50% more bandwidth than other carriers, only T-Mobile lets your iPhone 5 be as great as in iPhone 5

To this end, the provider now has a new colorful iPhone 5 turned commercial. This is to illustrate that T-Mobile has the fastest network and the iPhone 5 is only in this to advantage.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Unlock their iPhone by playing notes on the piano

Jailbreaking the iPhone offers some advantages, such as that ... to be able to unlock it by playing a few notes on a virtual piano.

Play a melody on a virtual piano to unlock the iphone rather than tapping a series of four numbers, anyone? If this is the case, that's good: it is possible, thanks to tweak Piano Passcode reserved for jailbroken iOS devices, and available via Cydia. Developed by Jonathan Lang Winger, this tweak will replace the lock screen of iOS, and propose to define a short musical sequence, but probably even more secure. And the experience is much more artistic, basically!

Piano Passcode is already available on Cydia, the "repo" BigBoss, priced at $ 0.99. An iPad version is in the works.

The iPhone, the best smartphone to take advantage of Google Now

A few days ago, Google Now made its debut in the App Store, while providing the opportunity for all iPhone owners to access the application previously reserved for Android. With this opening, Google did she not especially risked offer competition one of its flagship products?

If one were to ask the question differently, one would wonder if the iPhone was not just about becoming a better smartphone "Android-like" than all other phones running Google's OS .

Clearly, if you are looking to acquire the best of the best for Android smartphone, you can pipe it to a naturally Galaxy S4, a 4 or an HTC Nexus One. In addition to great products, they have a powerful OS, Jelly Bean, the last major update of Google. But on paper, it should be noted that only 25% of Android smartphones running on Jelly Bean! This means in other words, one out of four Android phone is able to access Google Now ... Knowing, obviously, that the older smartphones are probably not conditioned to run on Jelly Bean (this brings us to elsewhere to refer you to our article on the time between each update to Android). In contrast, almost all will benefit iPhone application ...

Indeed, the addition of Google Now means now, any smartphone user running iOS 6 can enjoy what appears to be one of the major features of Android. And if it was that Google Now! There are actually 25 Google applications available in the App Store today. And of course, the publisher is riding on updates. The majority of them were made during the last three months, including those applications that we use most, namely Gmail, Google Maps, or Chrome. And they are all kept up to date on both iOS as Android.


The fact is that Google does not always care about, ultimately, the smartphone that you have when you use its services, as long as you use them. And it should also not change anytime soon. And after all, there is not that Google applications on Android ... While the purpose of an application as iMessage is to ensure that you do over an Apple device to another Apple device , Google develops applications like Drive, that is to say, applications that you can use on any device, Android or not. And this is clearly strategic: the more users use Google, the more the firm can show relevant ads.

Finally, the iPhone you buy today will benefit from the same tools to equip Google applications than the vast majority of other Android smartphones.